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24 Karat Training is the most trusted training firm in the region. Founded by extremely committed, result-oriented and competent training professional - Mihir Koltharkar, fondly called Mr.Sales and Smiling Buddha of Sales.


We have been relied upon by our clients, large and small, private and public, to enhance Sales, Profits, Service Quality and Sales Leadership Potential. We are extremely passionate about Training and we strive to provide the highest quality training experience. We have many highly satisfied clients from different countries and we pride ourselves on our track record.


Whatever milestones your organization wants to reach, 24Karat Training would accelerate the journey and guarantee results. 


What makes us so confident?

  • Super Competent Trainer

  • Rich Experience And Unmatched Expertise

  • Systematic Approach To Training

  • Extremely Efficient Training Needs Identification And Analysis

  • High Quality, Well Researched Training Materials

  • Customized Module Development

  • Advanced Learning Techniques

  • Partnership Approach

  • Detailed Post-Training Reports

  • Personal Development And Ownership Assignment

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