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Navigating the negotiation minefield requires advanced communication skills, defined procedures, manipulation survival strategies, precise planning, effective listening skills, and much more. This course will help you understand the process of negotiation - how to prepare, how to define clear aims and objectives, how to use of different negotiating styles, strategies and principles. With lot of case studies and opportunities to practice during the course, the acquired knowledge and skills, will give you the confidence to be a powerful negotiator.

Course Content - 3 Days

Timing - 9 AM to 5 PM (All Days)

  • What Is 'Negotiation'?

  • How Is Negotiation Different Than Sales

  • Value Of Negotiation

  • The Steps In A Negotiation Process

  • The Different Outcomes Of A Negotiation

  • Positional Negotiation vs. Interest Negotiation

  • How Individual Values Affect Negotiation

  • Needs And Wants - Maslow's Hierarchy

  • BATNA, WATNA, Reality Check, ZOPA And WAP

  • Negotiation Groundwork

  • Identifying Areas Of Agreement

  • Your Bottomline And Optimum 

  • Probing For Inconsistencies

  • Understanding Your Negotiation Style

  • Setting Strategy For Negotiation

  • Pre-Planning Concessions



  • Planning The Climate

  • Opening Strategy

  • Understanding Other Side's Motivation And Needs

  • The Power Of First Offer

  • What Does Win:Win Really Mean?

  • What Are The Skills Needed To Be A Powerful Negotiator?

  • Assertiveness

  • Questioning

  • Listening

  • Summarizing

  • Introduction To 'Exchangers'

  • Identify The 'Exchangers' In A Negotiation

  • Exchangers In Your Own Negotiations

  • Exchangers- What To Share And What To Keep

  • Give And Take - The Skill Of Effective Negotiators


  • Role Of Effective Communication

  • The Importance Of Adopting The Right Attitude

  • Tips, Traps And Ploys

  • Recognising And Dealing With 'Underhand' Tactics

  • Retaining Flexibility During Conflict And Rejections

  • Avoiding Deadlocks

  • Summarizing And Preparing Climate For Future Negotiations

  • Dynamics Of Team Negotiations

  • When And How Of Closing

  • Taking Away All The Important Learning Points 

  • Action Plan For Transferring The Learning Points To The Workplace

How Will You Benefit?

  • Learn the phases of negotiations & gain the necessary skills for successful negotiations

  • Understand basic negotiating concepts (WATNA, BATNA, Reality Check, WAP & ZOPA) 

  • Learn to lay the groundwork for negotiation 

  • How to identify what information to share & what information to keep to your self 

  • Learn to apply strategies for identifying mutual gain 

  • How to reach a consensus & set the terms of agreement 

  • Learn to deal with personal attacks & other difficult issues 

  • Learn how to apply the negotiating process in everyday negotiations

Who Should Attend?
For everyone negotiates and wanting to improve their negotiation skills. This course is ideal for Sales Professionals, Key Account Managers, Department Heads, Purchase Professionals, Account Managers, Senior Management etc, - Anyone who needs to Negotiate as a part of their work profile. Case studies and Roleplays are an essential part of this programme, which makes this course highly enjoyable and experiential.

Course Objectives


  • To provide the knowledge and confidence to conduct successful negotiations profitably

  • To provide clear understanding of the techniques, skills and attitude required to be a powerful negotiator

  • To identify strengths and weaknesses in each negotiation style

  • To understand the differentiation factors between average and exceptional negotiators

  • To prepare for every negotiation using a proven and structured approach

  • To identify the different stages of the negotiation 

  • To use a variety of tools to reduce deadlock and solve problems more effectively

  • To understand and influence the dynamics of negotiations over phone

  • To have improved confidence while negotiating



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