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Get Complimentary Sales Strategy Analysis Session

Learn How To Grow Your Sales By 30% -120% Next Year

Mihir Koltharkar, after helping you identify the improvement areas, will share the secrets, and prepare you for your sustainable sales growth of 30% to 120% in just 1 year.
In 1 strategy session, you will:
Understand what is really happening in your business
Discover what can be done to take your Sales to next level
Discover the 5 zones of sales improvement
Decide on the core strategies to achieve higher sales
A clear way forward

A leading company based in UAE increased their B2B and B2C growth by 37% in 18 Months - USD 16 Million.

A ultra luxury property developer, increased their sales by 30% in 12 months - USD 1.2 Billion.

A ship repair company saved USD 1 Million in the first month.

You will be greatly benefited if:
If you are a Business Owner wanting to increase your sales  OR
If your job involves Selling (even if you are leading a sales team)
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