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We understand that each business is different, each territory is different, each business strategy is different and each training need is different, hence all our training solutions are unique. Our expertise comes into play while each training intervention is designed. While most training companies strive to meet your expectations, we strive to exceed them. Our clients love us for what we do. Connect with us and feel the difference for yourself! Our brand name '24 Karat Training' stands for Highest Quality in every aspect of the training cycle and our motto defines our commitment towards your business - Your Growth.Our Passion.

We offer the following Signature programs which can add immense value.

1.Selling Skills - B2B

2.Selling Skills - FMCG

3.Selling Skills - Retail

4.Advanced Selling Skills


6.Negotiation Skills

7.Advanced Negotiation Skills

8.Key Account Management

9.Leading Successful Sales Team

10.Presentation Skills

11.Communication Skills

12.Interpersonal Effectiveness

13.Assertiveness Skills

14.Creative Problem Solving

15.Train The Trainer

16.Team Building (Outdoor Activity Based)

17.Team Building (Classroom Activity Based)

18.First Time Managers

19.Customer Service

20.Customer Relationship Management

21.Telephone Service

22.Time Management

23.Stress Management

24.Planning and Organizing

25.Goal Setting And Execution

26.Campus To Corporate

Get In touch with us to know more. 


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